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Credit Card

It is charged only for the quantity of agents / technician licenses.

Not! Users who open tickets / requests are free of charge and there is no limitation on how many of them.

Admin is free! We offer a free administrator license to manage the Help Desk.

Remote Access, Inventory Agent, Chat, and Viewer.

No! Feel free to use Milldesk from 1 agent / technician.

Monthly or annual plan. In the annual plan, you will get a special discount!

No cancellation fees, no obligation. We do not want to lose you, but if you want to cancel your subscription, do it anytime you want (as long as you have no pending).

No. Milldesk is a totally web-based platform.

You should contact our sales team.

You will have 7 days to try for free, just create your evaluation account at:

No! You can use the same settings made during the trial, without losing any data!

No, CSC is completely free of charge and developed by our design team for your approval.

Yes, you can integrate with Active Directory so that your contacts can access Milldesk from the same AD login.

Yes! Feel free to access the documentation and perform the integration tests at:

There are 4 ways to open Milldesk tickets, by email, services catalog within Milldesk, fast ordering also within Milldesk and by CHAT.

Yes, attachment of up to 5mb.

Yes! Including you can customize your own satisfaction survey and raise many types of feedbacks.

Yes! Milldesk evolves according to the suggestions for improvements registered in our system. Feel free to register yours!

Yes! We provide spreadsheets for importing requesters, department, locations and many other essential fields.

Yes! With the redirection it is possible to create an easy way of accessing Milldesk.

Yes! With the redirection it is possible to create an easy way of accessing Milldesk.

We are not adventurous! We have been in the market for more than 12 years and at any time you can generate a backup copy of your requests, knowledge bases and Milldesk system configurations, even though we perform daily, weekly and monthly backups of our database. Setrion Software cares about the transactions and therefore has created an encrypted tunnel between you and our system. All information exchanged between Milldesk servers and your device, be it computer or mobile, are encrypted end-to-end. We have SSL security certificate.


Milldesk is a solution developed by Setrion Software

CNPJ: 07.379.057/0001-92

St. São Paulo - 31, Joinville - SC, 89202-200

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