10 Qualities of a Help Desk professional

The good and the bad news is that whenever a customer finds a problem with the service purchased is that the solution is usually indoors. Yeah, so the technician shouldn’t put the blame on competition or external reasons. What is needed is an attitude of openness from the professional equipped with the proper tools and a channel to listen to what the customer needs, so that the company can maintain this client and ensure his satisfaction.

A survey made by the American Society for Quality – ASQ demonstrates the reasons why companies lose their customers, these reasons are usually closely related to post-sale. See below the order of importance:

1st. indifference of attendants.

2nd. complaints not answered

3rd. advantages offered by the competition

4th. for address changes or loss of reference

5th. For sale reasons

Knowing this the HDI – Help Desk Institute, the largest association of Help Desk professional market, created the world standards and certifications, which are published in its Help Desk and Customer Support practices report, here we can find the top 10 most important qualities for a customer service professional.

In order of importance they are:

1st. Listening

2nd. Verbal skills

3rd. Knowing how to talk to a client on the phone

4th. Learn to ask questions

5th. Learn to solve problems

6th. Ability to work under pressure

7th. Ability to reason logically

8th. Learn teamwork

9th. Self-control

10. Ability to learn quickly.

* Source: Blog da Gladis