10 Questions to Interview a Future Support Professional

Providing support with excellence can differentiate you from the competition. With that in mind, you need to assemble a team of customer support with genuine and essential skills to solve customer problems and also to represent your company on a day-to-day basis in the best way possible. The discovery begins with the person who is being interviewed, to see if they are passionate in helping other people, family, friends and even the dedication they give to their hobbies. Notice how they express themselves when speaking of these matters.

Below are 10 interview questions that can help you discover these new talents:

1) Throughout our selection process, with whom you’ve talked to and what have you talked about? (It shows if the person is attentive and pays attention to details)

2) Tell me about your last job – what did you love about it and what did you not like?

3) Tell me about problems with products or services that you already gave support to.

4) What are you an expert in? (And then ask him to tell you a difficult problem in which he used this skill)

5) How do you react when you do not know the answer to a question?

6) What do you do when the client says that you’re taking too long to solve the problem?

7) The customer pointed out a serious error / problem with the product, what do you do? (With this question you can evaluate the ability to empathize and apologize)

Tell me when you reversed the dissatisfaction of a customer with happiness.

9) What life experiences you’ve had, that are great examples?

10) Have you tested our service and what you know about that?

Now you have a base to find that great customer support professional that your team needs.