11 Ways to cut costs without sacrificing customer service of your help desk

Help desk

Rethinking the services provided in the Help Desk area is the first step to reduce costs while still providing quality service to customers. Satisfaction surveys , for example, can help in the process of defining the priorities of users, optimizing the time of the professionals in the help desk . Staying current on the latest tools and technologies efficient and also helps provide a more objective service and, consequently, reduced spending . But beyond that, what other strategies can be established for the company to reduce costs while maintaining the level of service?


1) Focus on the Issues Management . Analyze the main factor makes the most efficient service and can help eliminate the root cause applications;

2) Speed ​​up the response to the client : automate and integrate all in one system ;

3) Be proactive and anticipate the needs of the client;

4) Get involved with the client’s problem and be flexible. Dedication to service is also a way to optimize the work ;

5) Make an analysis of the most common problems faced by users and establishing  more objective strategies to reduce or eliminate the causes;

6) Focus on the resolution at first contact and ensure user satisfaction ;

7) Create indexes time and quality of resolution of customer problems ;

8) Register the incidents and service requests till the resolution ;

9) Remotely access the client machine to see and fix the problem .

10) Bet on virtual visits and reduce support for application installation, configuration changes and updates

11) Terminate old technologies.