3 Tips to improve the performance of your service desk

1. To analyze process performance:
Reflect on cercade efficiency of processes, find out if you are not wasting any time going back to fix a problem. For example, analyze the types of customer requests, identify the reason for the call and select major cases to create a proactive plan to reduce or eliminate these causes. Reduce or eliminate calls to provide self-service capabilities for customers. In Problem Management, do a root cause analysis to eliminate the cause of the requests. You can also make an assessment of the types of tools you are using to automatizarestos processes. Get metrics and reports, they are important tools for elanálisis operational and financial performance. Also get reports of customer service, conducting a satisfaction survey.

2. Analysis and improvement of the performance of people:
Promote professional training aimed at supporting the first line, based on 10 or 15 types of applications requierenmás work, creating a documentation and a knowledge base in the tool to allow the search for solutions in the most intuitive way possible .

3. Continuous Improvement
The purpose is to achieve and deliver the final result by eliminating distractions in the operation and barriers to the team from the front line. To achieve this it is very important that you enter a culture of continuous improvement and monitoring of outcomes and responsibilities.