5 Tips to build a positive image of the IT staff

1) Start with the Support

“Support is responsible for the first impression on IT and therefore represents the first point to be changed so that the reputation of the area to become different,” according to analyst research management and technology consulting Info-Tech Research Group, Jennifer Perrier-Knox.

2) Explain what was done wrong so it won’t be repeated

“When the IT department is called is because the requester really is in trouble and, of course, and solve them, wondering what was done wrong and how to avoid them in the future,” says technology consultant for a health insurance carrier American, Julia Steltmann.

3) Avoid technical terms

For other departments, the ideal  IT professional is one that can explain a technical issue easily and that everyone understands. Staff from other areas do not have an obligation to know the specifics of the technology company.

4) Respect the time

Even with the extra demands of the business, the IT manager has the duty to organize the teams so they do not accumulate weeks between a request and service. Everyone knows that when a department requests the help of technology, they needs this support immediately and not nearly a month later.

5) Communicate forecasts

According to Jennifer, when requesting an IT project, she wants to know how long it takes until all the initiative is completed and what is slack. “Furthermore, it is important to have feedback (returns) over the project to know what’s going right, what we could do in the area requesting to expedite the work of IT staff, among others,” says Jennifer.