5 tips to optimize results

1. Delete all messages that contain routing to operators, voice mail, fax and bad audio, in addition to filtering busy signals, failed calls and calls that do not meet. Thus, it takes you to the only binding agent production, optimizing staff time;

2. Always choose someone that fits the amount of calls per AP’s available according to the effectiveness of mailing. That way, you avoid that customers are waiting in line, and if  there isn’t someone to answer it, the connection is dropped;

3. The faster the system detects an umproductive connection, will cost less because operators only charge for calls at the third second;

4. A good platform has online operation monitoring, performance and agent management reporting; integration with leading CRMs; digital recording with remote search by various fields, call accounting and online campaigns;

5. Over time you gain by using efficient systems,  plan the best action strategy for each campaign.