Attitudes to achieve professional goals in 2013!

If we are to achieve our promises for the new year, we need to make them specific. Compose a cast of operations that are short and long term, such as:

1. Look at the “IT” as a source of information. Focus more on understanding the data value instead of technology. Don’t waste data that the company holds about customers, products, processes and projects. All information sources are ideas.

2. Start to read more. Reading newspapers and magazines related to business issues is a good way to be better prepared for meetings with the board and gives you more strategic looks on the operation.

3. Presenting solutions for the business and not technological tools. A global project will capture the attention of the CEO, unlike what happens if you approach him talking about IT technicalities.

4. Incorporate routine innovation exercises. It means looking at all aspects of your life in a more questioning, thinking of ways to improve the day-to-day issues. Thus the concept of innovation will begin to demystify.

5. Make meetings with your peers more often. Admit it, you don’t listen to your peers as much as it should. Grab your calendar and allow more time for that.

6. Finding time to blog and tweet. They are the most effective way to make conversation with employees, customers and partners. You’ll be amazed at what you will learn (and what you have to offer).