Be nice at the phone

What do you mean by effective care? What do you do to achieve this goal? First, it is important to take note and know how to do the necessary steps to solve the user’s problems, it is not enough for the them to feel satisfied. And when attention is done by phone, you need to pay attention to details to ensure their effectiveness. Listening and strive to speak clearly and kindness are basic questions that must be taken with certain care.

Good care begins even before the first greeting. The relationship with the user can start with the left foot, if for example you let the phone ring for several minutes before answering the call. By picking up the phone, worry with your voice. Do not speak too softly or shout into the phone. If the client has difficulty to hear what you say, speak louder, but without showing nervous or irritation. The user should not have the feeling of being annoying. Therefore the voice of the agent should be warm and cheerful. But beware: treat customers with privacy can also make you feel uncomfortable. This is not the user as a “friend”, “dear” or “companion”. At first the most appropriate terms are “sir” and “ma’am”. If the customer requests or permits, treat of “you” or by his first name. No one will complain to be treated politely. Think about it!

Respect is essential. Do not let the customer waiting in line. If it is necessary, explain the reason for the delay and call back later. Chewing gum, eating and maintain simultaneous conversations with colleagues during customer care are also disrespectful attitudes.

Introduce yourself to the start of the call and, at the end, ask the customer if you still have doubts. Remember: the user may not know and understand the technical terms. If it is necessary, be educational in the explanation. Be objective, clear and cordial. Proper posture of the agent, demonstrating their dedication to solve the customer’s problem is the key to ensure their satisfaction.