Bye Bye Robots!

In Customer Service, is not only important to to say thanks to your customers, it’s more important to speak as human being.  Albert Mehrabian published two theses in 1967 where he summed up in one equation the whole communication problem in the world.The equation is: 7% -38% -55%.

Communication is made up of three parts:

– The words you use (7%),

– The tone of voice (38%),

– The body language corresponding the words (55%).

A robotic “Thank you” is only 7% of the impact when you connect with your customers. Beyond words, the ability to connect with customers depends on your  ability to communicate in a genuine tone and body language.

A well trained customer service professional is one that observes its own tone and body language, and changes it according to what needs to be communicated.

The customer service professionals are the true agents of the company’s marketing. They are able to influence the way customers perceive your company every day. So, enough of robots, customers want to be seen by humans!

Do you want your company to be perceived as a company formed by robots or humans?

The choice is yours.