Eleven ways to reduce costs without sacrificing the service to your help desk customer

935554_515469491843579_1992243778_nRethinking the help desk services is the first step to reduce costs while providing quality service to customers. Satisfaction surveys, for example, can help in the process of user prioritization, which optimizes time of the help desk professional. Be updated on most recent/efficient tools and technologies. It helps providing a more objective service and diminish the wastes. But beyond that, what other strategies can be planned to the company cut costs while maintaining the level of service?


1) Focus on Problem Management. Analyze the root cause makes the service more effective and can eliminate the incidents cause.

2) Streamline the response to the client: automate and integrate everything into a single system;

3) Be proactive and anticipate the customer needs;

4) Get involved with the client’s problem and be flexible. Service dedication is also a way to optimize the work;

5) Make an analysis of the most common problems faced by users and set more objective strategies to reduce or eliminate the causes;

6) Focus on first contact resolution and ensure user satisfaction;

7) Create time indexes and in the quality of the resolution problem;

8) Record the incidents and service requests till the solution;

9) Remotely access the client machine to view and solve the problem.

10) Bet on virtual support and reduce visits for software installation, configuration changes and upgrades;

11) Retire old technologies.