Ensure productivity of your help desk team


The help desk is not just a call center to IT problems, is a strategic component for companies. The events and faults cause an impact on the daily lives of users that can dramatically decrease productivity. If IT fails, the company’s productivity falls automatically.

To ensure the operation of the help desk, we list six techniques to Watch in hiring this service:

1 – Index 80 % of incident resolution via remote assistance . When there is no need to shift professionals saves time and hence productivity.

2 – telephone recording and filming the sessions. The record of attendance by telephone and help desk tool system is crucial because it minimizes the risk of misunderstanding.

3 – Analysis of cases in real time. The system vendor shall ensure improved monitoring service being held by the analysts.

4 – Satisfaction Survey. The so-called must be punctuated by users, or the provider should ask the user to give a score to each service.

5 – Monthly Reports. The highest recorded problems should be reported via report and monthly indicators , helping the customer find the solution and plot their strategies and investments to the area.

6 – Evaluation Analyst. Professionals must undergo regular assessments to identify the need for recycling , motivation , training …