Evaluate customer satisfaction surveys

A lot of time and resources are invested in developing satisfaction surveys , determining their frequency of application, mode of distribution and compilation of results. So your goal should go beyond simply ask if the customer is satisfied. Use the survey to evaluate the effectiveness of the solutions , courtesy of the agent and allow customers to make comments freely. What you do with the data obtained from these surveys may be the most important work to be done.

In a perfect world, all comments received glowing descriptions would be an excellent support experience. Even if the results of your help desk are very good in the polls, make sure to pay proper attention to the lowest scores. If a satisfactory response is received, perform a review of the incident in question and learn in depth about the documented description of the problem as well as on measures taken to solve it.
Take the opportunity to talk with customers who provided some type of negative feedback. Consider these responses as opportunities for improvement rather than just points that ruined the average result of your help desk. When you contact these customers and discuss their interaction with help or service desk, you can identify areas of interest in which is required training and processes that need to be reorganized. More important, you are sending a strong message that let you understand that feedback, both positive and negative, are appreciated and that concerns are taken seriously .
You should also consider using the survey to help answer one of the most important questions you can ask to your clients – ” What is important to you ? ” Even if your organization is not capturing this information, provide four or five initiatives that are on the radar of IT in your organization and ask each client what is most important to them.
Imagine having this kind of information to analyze the IT budget for next year or to determine the projects to be implemented and what will be sidelined for a while. So do not just create an index of customer satisfaction. Without an analysis of customer survey data, and taking action on it, you will be simply, just computing numbers.