Guide to upgrade your Help Desk career


The IT market is very competitive. If you thought about improving your skills, now is time to stand out.


Check out 10 tips for you conquer the success in your help desk career:


1. Know your team and give constant feedback to your manager.

2. Search. Try to talk to the user during the call and make satisfaction reports.

3. Reevaluate the processes, leave your comfort zone and try to always improve your approaching.

4. Do not annoy the user, use fast systems, with easy maintenance and explain as much as necessary, using simple language and leaving aside the technical terms.

5. Establish priorities, solving one problem at a time.

6. Use indicators to measure your performance proactively, do not expect your manager to evaluate it.

7. Take care of your appearance and look the way you speak, in voice quality and fluency, it can help you.

8. Understand the external social networks. IT professionals must understand how the features of social business are increasingly integrated into the business and how it can affect the productivity and safety of the user.

9. Master a second language (at least). With the globalization, more and more companies have the opportunity to meet clients anywhere in the world.

10. Know the company you work for. You need to understand what your customer really needs, they are receiving your service.