How to create an efficient IT services catalog for your company?

It is common in everyday life of IT departments, the arrival of many tickets and requests from other sectors and external customers – and many of these calls do not fit the solutions proposed by the help desk.

Thus, the creation of a service catalog of a IT support is essential to maintain a well-functioning customer service.

The IT services catalog serves as an overview of all the solutions and services that the help desk and service desk are authorized and prepared to provide. Plus, it is also an important document to align the expectations of customers and service providers.

Know how to create a service catalog is an important step for the efficiency of your company! Keep reading our publication and find out how to create this kind of document.

Create an efficient IT services catalog for your company.

What is the IT services catalog?

The IT services catalog is a catalog usually made electronically to manage all the services provided by the help desk industry.

Besides this management, it also serves as a guide to support the infrastructure of the IT industry as a whole, as a guarantee for all deliveries.
This document has a clear scope of the customer service industry and a detailed description for the professionals of the sector.

It has a great relevance because it also serves to align the expectations with the client, being essential to maintain a good relationship and the quick solution of their tickets.

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What is the importance and benefits of the IT service catalog?

The most important is to have a clear scope of the help desk industry’s role for the customer.Thus, the expectations are aligned and the technical team has an excellent support and description of the work they are authorized to perform during the resolution of requests.

The benefits are many, and some have even been cited. The alignment of expectations is one of the main ones, followed closely by others, such as:

  • Clearly define the services provided to the client;
  • Have a good structure to provide these services;
  • Know the services and their dependencies;
  • Manage process performance, quality and efficiency;
  • Guide the team on the resolution of the requests;
  • Gain customer trust and credibility.

These benefits are paramount in a good customer relationship with the help desk and service desk industry. It also facilitates the monitoring of tickets and facilitates the classification of the requests.

Another important point is the classification and targeting of requests, which can offer better support to users.

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The steps for creating the IT service catalog

The IT services catalog has a few steps that can help with your creation. These steps are:

  1. Know your services

    This first step is essential for any help desk industry. Knowing and making a small draft of what the industry needs for the resolution of tickets is an important first step.
    Must also understand what the sector is authorized or not to solve. As an example, the help desk can install and update operating systems on workstations as long as they are approved and released for use by the company.
    Another example is the installation of software – the help desk sector can act in this type of request, as long as it is within the company’s units and these software are approved by the company’s equipment for use.
    Taking questions about specific software is a case where the company’s customer service sector may not be the most recommended to solve.

  2. Align with customers

    More important than having this document is to align this document with your client. Thus, to show and discuss the catalog of services of the sector with the users is essential for a better quality of it.
    Customer must know very well the catalog of services, and he may also suggest and discuss some changes. This will make him feel part of the team and create a union between the industry and the user.

  3. Developing the actual document

    This part is the most important and it is here that the document is actually developed. It is worth noting that the service catalog should not be created from scratch and by a single person alone.
    This document is changeable and can be changed according to the client’s need and suggestion -not forgetting to always discuss and align with the help desk professionals and keep a good view of all the service provided by the industry.

  4. Verify deployment success

    As the document is created, it is essential to keep it current and check the level of customer satisfaction and the help desk industry to / with the service catalog.
    To verify the success of the deployment of this material is to check if the types of tickets are according to the catalog and if the tickets outside the catalog are being directed correctly.

Another important point is the participation of the help desk and the service desk to keep the document always current and making sense for all sectors of the company.

This also makes employees feel part of the service catalog and helps them to comply.

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