IT Helpdesk incident management spreadsheet

In many help desk and service desk environments, especially in small businesses, it’s common not to have any documentation regarding the technical procedures, solutions used to solve certain problems and even control of incidents and requests made ​​in the internal organization. Everything stays in the technician’s head, from remembering a certain service provided to a specific incident and which are still pending requests. I agree, it’s a lot to think about and organize, especially considering that problems generally occur simultaneously across many users ​​. Due to a normal stage of evolution, the help desk will need other practices to better meet the business and its users.


The first step for those who have nothing, I recommend that all requests and incidents are documented in your company (Download the IT incident spreadsheet for free by clicking here). With the technical documentation you will not forget any incidents, define the urgency for each incident and you can still organize presetting dates for completion of the incidents and requests.


The benefits don’t stop just there, with the data recorded, the technician will have hands on valuable information for analysis, such as: the categories with the highest failure rates, which are the departments  that require more services, number of requests performed in a given period. With data in hand, any decision of strategic nature will be much easier to take.