Learn about the 10 commandments of the quality of IT services and sin no more.

tips - for itsm

  1. You must know your offer of services, your catalog, written in business language
  2. You have to have clear about limitations and capabilities that the services of your catalog can provide.
  3. Must know who your customers are and who are the users; they are not the same in all cases.
  4. Do not assume anything. You’re always identifying continuously the quality requirements of your customers.
  5. All the requirements of quality must be unambiguously defined, implementable, achievable, measurable and possibly upgradeable.
  6. As far as possible, you will me making service agreements, SLA, with yours customers. When you are unable to do, make sure you always perceive and understand what they want
  7. Your internal drive/IT sector should be aware of any agreement of service and quality that you do, and be ready to meet.
  8. You will have control over their external provides, especially when depends of them some parameter of quality you provide to your users.
  9. Meet in a periodically way with your customers to build a long-term business relationship. They will appreciate your approximation/feedback more than all the statistics of fulfillment that they delivered.
  10. If you archive the SLA in your office as a secret document, not updating constantly or let it without divulgation to the users, technical support… you’ll face days of confusion between your team and the users.


Above all, you must understand that quality of service is a process to improve relations and not a static document.



(Source: iberosys)