Learn six quality techniques to help prevents service outages

The Information Technology sector is very important in a company’s productivity


The productivity of a company is directly proportional to the functioning of the Information Technology sector . A computer failure can delay  a project conclusion or whatever the work done by the company . The world is increasingly dependent on technology and its proper functioning is critical in everyday users . So it becomes necessary to constantly improve the helpdesk , which is responsible for preventing and eliminating computer incidents that could disrupt the businesses and compromising productivity . For this, there are quality techniques . Check out some of them below!


1 ) Monitor service . The agents must be able to record the incident details and / or properly transfer to specialized sectors if needed . If the whole process is thoroughly described , will be more easily understand, making it being easier assigned for an attendant who will assist in solving the problem .

2 ) Establish as a goal, solve at least 80% of incidents without displacement . Prioritize remote service . It diminishes the impact caused by the fault, since the service is performed more rapidly in these cases.

3 ) Periodically evaluate analysts . It is important to check whether there is a need for new training, or retraining of staff motivation programs .

4 ) Record attendances . This record of telephone calls is essential . There is also the possibility to record through a service desk tool , everything was done remotely on the user machine .

5 ) Submit monthly reports to clients. With the help of records conducted by technicians after consultations , reports should be prepared and sent to customers .It helps to make sense of major incidents and the frequency of them . Such information will be of great help to strategize and define investments in IT . In addition, the client will know how service requests were submitted and how many were solved.

6 ) Make satisfaction surveys . It does not necessarily require periodic reports to users. An alternative is to solicit feedback to each service , either with a note or comment . At the end of each month, for example, notes can be compared to a general  attendance analysis.