Learn to delegate!

With constant updating and modernization of management processes, new Management techniques emerge and other techniques are improved every day.

To pass any activity to someone, we first must have knowledge about the subject and know the possible scenarios which are still pending, such as risks. While we don’t have control, we cannot under any circumstances want someone to come do the work because there isn’t enough maturity and knowledge.

How to solve this? Training leaders with a focus on people, management and self-knowledge. When the “manager” knows in detail his/her work, customer needs and has strategic alignment with the company, the manager is ready for the second big step in his career: know your weaknesses, your qualities and how much you can and should collaborate with your team to meet your goals. If you look at a chart, a good leader stands at the bottom and not the top. It is a reference to the team, knows everything, knows and answers everything, has charisma and trust of his/her’s subordinates, leaders, and network.