No robots at the customer service!

In the customer service it is important not only to thank you, but it is much more important to talk as a person. Albert Mehrabian published two theses in 1967 summarized in an equation where the whole problem of communication in the world. The equation is: 7% -38% -55%.


Communication consists of three parts:


– The words you use (7%),

– Voice tone (38%),

– Body language corresponding to words (55%).


A “thank you” robotic represents only 7% of the impact on communication with customers. Beyond the words, the ability to connect with customers depends on their ability to communicate in a real tone accompanied by his body language.

A professional well-trained in customer care is one who pays attention to his own tone of voice and body language, and knows how to make the right changes according to what you need to report.

Customer service Professionals are the real agents of marketing of the company. They are able to influence the perception that customers have of your company at any time. Therefore, no more robots, customers want to be served by humans!


You want customers to have the perception of your company is made by robots or humans?

The choice is up to you.