Technical Support: how to achieve user expectations

solucao-300x190Achieving user expectations that search service technical support help desk is the goal to be pursued by industry professionals. Several factors hinder a quality service in the IT field. Among them are:


– Lack of confidence of the customer in relation to the company;

– Need to resolve repeated problems for not offering permanent solution;

– Lack of information available to management;

– Lack of effective mechanism for customer support;

– Unclear resources and costs.


But in addition to awareness the existence of these problems that hinder the  services, those who work with technical support needs to know that there is a difference between need and expectation of the user. Understanding these concepts is critical to ensure customer satisfaction. Solving user needs does not mean reaching your expectations. The first, in this case, is easier to achieve.


For example: if a customer says he needs availability and capacity of storing messages in your email, just comply with these requirements will not be sufficient for the user to feel satisfied. He also expects the speed of access and an efficient  technical support.


After all, what is the customer expects when ​​technical support is resorted?


1) Services and functional products ;

2) Reliability and accuracy – ensuring  a competent service;

3) Skilled care team;

4) Quick, cheap and effective support processes;

5) Empathy – be heard and respected, feel that the attendant is concerned to solve your problem.