Technical support in the BYOD era

Until now IT was used to maintain the standardization of hardware, operating systems and programming languages  to reduce the maintenance cost, ease of hiring professionals, greater control over the documentation, methodologies used, ease of implementation processes contingency and business continuity. But the BYOD trend came strong and we need to review several of these concepts, especially because of the lack of standardization.

What we need to note:

– We will need to build a database of everything that sets a particular service and know which device you bought and used. Ex: the newly released versions of users’ devices is Motorola, iPhone, Samsung etcs…

– The support departments need to specify a service catalog.

– The Security Policy of the company must be respected. For this  reason, all devices must be registered and submitted to the Compliance Review.

– About the Privacy Policy, the company must monitor the use of particular devices, but without invading the private information of its staff.

– The Service Desk will need to clarify whether only act on what is owned by the company or whether it will provide unrestricted support for particular devices and why this or that support model was chosen. It is necessary to significantly increase the ability of self-service customers.

See the infographic below for some helpful advice on what to do and what not to do in the BYOD wave: