The 10 Commandments of the Help Desk

The best help desk professionals follow the 10 commandments created by Gustavo Gaidzinski. According to him, these are the basic premises for success in the industry.

Get to know the Ten Commandments for professional help desk:

1. Know your team: through involvement with HR and feedbacks.

2. Recognize your positioning: Make satisfaction surveys among users and talk formally with sponsors.

3. Taste the most bitter of medicines: discuss service processes and eliminate the comfort zone.

4. Choose the best soldiers: a good analyst is better than two average analysts, make the team get the hint.

5. Don’t frustrate the user: use fast, easy to maintain systems and keep an eye out to see if the user gets annoyed with the technology services.

6. Pick your battles: do not try to solve all problems at once.

7. Face your enemies put the execution of the priorities into practice and use the internal marketing as an ally.

8. Measure your success: indicators should be implemented to ensure continuous benefits.

9. Take care of your appearance: be careful with oral communication, voice quality, and fluency.

10. Commemorate your triumph: make some room in your  budget for celebrations, so keep staff engaged and in “high rotation”.