The 5 pillars of success in the Help Desk.

You should ask yourself, what is needed to have a fantastic technical support department, right? The best technical support departments emphasize the focus on the following factors to ensure user satisfaction, reputation for excellent customer service, and agents motivated and available.

1st. People. The best support departments hire the right people . They hire staff with technical expertise and a friendly attitude with the customers. While technical knowledge can be provided for an agent with skill, it’s almost impossible to reprogram a negative attitude.

2nd. Practices. An efficient and effective support technician has fantastic and thoughtful ways to meet the customer’s needs. By following the best practices that the department stipulates, the team sets the standard for services and strategies needed to deliver a fantastic technical support.

3rd. Tools. The most efficient and effective technical support staff uses appropriate tools and technologies to meet customers’ needs on the help desk. The more focused the software and hardware used to meet the needs of support, more productive support team will be. A robust software package is valuable when used in its entirety. The purchased hardware to support the software is valuable when their features enable user productivity.

4th. Management. The best technical support managers are not necessarily the best technical people to handle customer calls. The best managers are those who can do “coaching” with the agents, providing feedback that helps them grow as professionals. Besides increasing the productivity of the help desk, the most successful managers of technical support teams are those able to represent and negotiate the issues raised by end users with the company’s board.

5th. Training. To be motivated and well prepared, the technical support  service agents must receive continuous training to stay current on technical issues and best practices on customer service. Best attendants get mad when they realize that they are not having learning opportunities to upgrade their skills as attendants. The training offered by the company can be in person or online, it does not matter, the important thing is to establish a procedure of training for attendants.