The Future of the help desk

Due to the rapid development and expansion of technology, the help desk is also evolving. Since external customer departments to internal drives IT help desk has gone through some big changes in recent years. Most people agree that this is something favorable for both technicians and for those seeking answers to their problems. Have you ever wondered how it will table Help on the future? Let’s take a look:

Currently, agents are exposed to:
1) Attendance by phone, with long waiting times.
2) Frustrating interactions with users without technology experience
3) Long time dedicated to solving small problems or minor.
4) Productive loss of time doing tedious and analyzing reports and reports.
5) Large number of employees needed for infrastructure support and maintain networks.

Agents in the future:
1) Intelligent learning algorithms and intelligent optimization incident tickets prioritize.
2) Wide range of devices assisting such as smartphones, tablets, etc.
3) Self-service facilities enabling people of not being dependent on the help desk support.
4) Centralized computing and simplified cloud allows more productity.
5) The internal computer communicates through various channels including social and mobile media, enabling a more agile and quick attention, reducing troubleshooting time and improving service quality.