The obvious problem solving

When facing problems start with the obvious, even if it looks like an amateurish attitude. Imagine that the user opens an incident saying they have no access to the internet and much less to systems and shared networks, it reports a problem with the network drive, the technician cannot, without first analyzing the situation, remove and reinstall drive, start begin with the obvious, “Is the network cable connected?.

This situation occurs in many professions, the professional’s obligation is to provide an conducive environment to work and if troubleshooting is required, apply it in the most objective manner possible, analyzing the situation and starting with the obvious, thus avoiding ‘circumventing ‘ the problem with complex and sometimes  ineffective solutions.

A ‘troubleshooter’ should be trained to offer the best solutions to problems, but often not even a trained professional is able to quickly solve certain challenges that arise, so it is important to have parsimony to analyze the situation and always start with the obvious.

Reference: Gestão em TI