Tip of the Day: Using Twitter as a complementary tool

Interactively, twitter can be used as a tool of a service provider and his team of tech support.

Let’s set a nice scenario of how Twitter can help your team help desk:

1) Set up Twitter accounts for all users unsing the company name (@usercompanyname, for example)

2) Get a feed reader for each team.

3) Put all the twitter feeds together with all the readers within the team. This gives your team a consistent view of all the other tweets.

4) Make sure that all readers are set to update often (1 or 2 minutes)

5) Explain to your team that everyone needs to constantly update your Twitter status with their current tasks or actions.

6) Create a set of initials that the team can use to describe what they are doing.

TV = technical visit

LNCH= Lunch, and the estimated time (LNCH 1hr)

OC= On Call