Tips for an Help Desk professional

1. Everyone is a customer

Everyone who calls you for technical help is your customer.

2. Be courteous

You are representing your entire company (and especially the IT training department), when you talk to your customers. Politeness

Polite: always. Treat each call with politeness, even if they do not return the courtesy.
3. Be clear and precise

Avoid technical terms. Your client does not have as much technical experience as you. Do not assume that your partner knows what you ask him to do, then remember to clearly describe each step he will have to follow.


4. Use analogies

Whenever possible, using every day analogies. It will help your client feel confident and put the issue in a technical perspective.


5. Be nice

Your client is probably frustrated. He’s probably in a hurry and thinking about how much he is losing in productivity by not knowing how to use his computer better. Listen openly, without judgment, to the customer’s problem, even if you’ve heard the description a hundred times before, this is the first time for your customer.


6. Be professional

Recognizing the frustration of your client, but a balance, don’t get emotionally involved. If your client remains in wrong path and describes their feelings, ask kindly, for more specific questions as possible to help bring the conversation back and fix it.


7. Keep notes

Create a database of knowledge. Accompany each incident, symptoms, causes and solutions.

You will begin to see patterns in how the software behaves, and you’ll soon be able to apply the intuitive patterns to solve new problems.


8. Train your colleagues – Share ideas.

Train your coworkers. When you learn a new faster solution to a problem, tell the other experts on the subject. If you share, they will share. Then you’ll all be better at it.