What are the most common problems with desktops?

What are the most common problems of desktops?

1. The computer starts normally, but nothing appears on the screen.

2. The computer does not work, neither monitor nor CPU.

3. When the screen is on, it appears unreadable

4. Error messages when starting

5. When you start your PC it continues running a scandisk.

6. The programs don’t install, run or your computer freezes when accessed.

7. Printers, monitors, scanners, faxes, graphic cards, sound cards or additional are not working properly.

8. Your computer suddenly freezes.

9. Equipment not being recognized by your computer, before, during or after installation.

10. Password error

11. Cannot connect to the internet

How can the Service Desk tools help you?

1) Centered helpdesk console: Allows you to easily see all the problems and categorize them.

2) Ticket management: Automatic Monitoring, categorization, prioritization and fast and easy grouping of common problems.

3) Workflow History: provides multiple queues and processes to manage the flow of events and best practices to solve them.

4) Notifications: So your client has a view of the progress in resolving the problems.

5) Reports: Monitor, track, and report incidents to improve incident management and SLA