What is BT “Business Technology”?

I.T. is Information Technology, T.K. is Technology Knowledge: referred to when the information is handled and studied to generate knowledge.

Then B.T. is a Business Technology: A New Era! Some companies are already migrating practices for this level, which is using the technology knowledge to support the business, technology totally focused on the “core business” of the company, making interface with not only the user, but with the business of the company, analyzing and verifying the information which becomes knowledge for increased sales and improvement in all processes with a focus on sales, thereby generating greater value to the Technology.

It’s important that the IT manager knows each level and does a self-analysis, to know where the company fits among the levels cited, and its management is in agreement. Doing also a Benchmarking analysis among the colleagues, preferably in the same segment, it helps in the evaluation, including whether it is time for a change, since BT is already a reality in many companies, causing the manager to reflect on their skills, as at this level the manager needs to be with his interpersonal skills sharpened, and the teamwork and business acumen, which is an analysis of the technology against the competitors and the market.