What is theory and what is practical in the Help Desk


The theory is always fantastic , but is it useful day to day? Organize ideas, standardize processes and define methodologies are theories that serve to guide their decisions in everyday life, but and how to reconcile all this information in practice?

Keep updated processes brings greater competitiveness and agility to main help desk and reduce potential costs. ISO certification should always be renewed, as it gives more visibility to the company, ensures the acquisition of new clients and service efficiency . The rules of ISO standards prescribe the requirements for efficient work , so following these practices is much easier to achieve quality . On the other hand , these rules require a certain time to adapt such as the assimilation of their nomenclature , which can be very general . The ISO 9000 standards are generic for various business segments, already ISO 20000 is focused on service desk and comes with a few adaptations , and guides us on what should be done .

Because of ITIL ( Information Technology Infrastructure Library) , we know that contacts are made exclusively by level 1 , but what about when there is a lack of information in the call? Level 2 will return to the so-called central or speak directly with the user? Who dictates the game: the theory or practicality ?

The perfect world of theory, everything is solved in a few steps, but in the real world we need to optimize costs and time. So, not always based the theory , look seeking clues on how to solve their problems by observing your day to day needs and company policies . Regardless of what the solution is , always seek the balance between theory and practice so that their actions are effective . Theories are good practice, no rules that can not be broken and they have no margin for error. They were not designed to be applied ” to the letter ” , but to show a path to be followed , which can and should be cut by you.


Source: Administradores.com.br