Who is your best customer?

Your best customer is one who is always pointing out your weak points and your flaws and still trusts that you can solve their problems.

The importance of this type of feedback is a lot more important than satisfaction surveys that often provide valuable information, but not what you need most – the less satisfied and more disappointed. These people will not take the time to fill out a form or stop for a survey to help you fix your business. They moved.

In order to find out where they moved, and so it is likely that you have to collect some data about yourself. Start with these steps:

Identify them: Finding disenchanted customers is usually not that difficult, just ask your support. They know who they are and can even describe them (off the record) as “distressed” or “crazy.”

Contact them: When contacting them remember that these angry customers did not start that way. In the past each decided positively to buy your product or service, they believed in your company and in your offer. Only later they discovered a problem.

Acting: Failing with the customer almost always fall into one of three categories: The product was actually defective, the documentation was wrong, or customer expectations were not managed properly. Most departments of customer service really only knows how to deal with the first two. If, unfortunately, the customer with whom you failed is in the third category, you should identify where your marketing or sales presentation is failing, your client may be among the closest that can help you fix problems and avoid similar situations in the future.