Why Support Services to the customer is so important to online shoppers?

Most people think of online shopping as a way to cut costs. But rarely consider the costs that shopping online adds to their operation. The physical distance between buyer and seller adds risk to the client’s brand. If you are part of an enterprise ecommerce, online shoppers are facing an additional charge in all phases of the buying process, and your customer support should be there to ease your workload research in each step.

What to expect from online shoppers support?
It is tempting to think of customer service as reactive: something that is dormant until a customer takes the initiative to ask for help for your purchase. But some customers need support before making a purchase. Furthermore, not all customers are proactive, many will simply open another store in a new tab to find the information they seek, rather than risk a long wait on hold or an e-mail support useless. The customer support should give a great deal of basic research that will result in online shopping, offering a shorter path to relevant information, improved self-care, the closing of the purchase and contacts to deliver accurate.